How to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos + Home Teeth Whitening GIVEAWAY!

Home Teeth Whitening Want to know how you can look great in your wedding photos that doesn't require going on a crazy diet or over exercising? It's all about your teeth and brightening them for your big day. I've always wanted to whiten my teeth but, to be honest, its super expensive at the dentist. Investing several hundred dollars on my teeth seemed a bit frivolous so I kept pushing it off to my "next visit" but I knew I would never actually do it. So, when Smile Brilliant, a home teeth whitening company, reached out to me to test one of their whitening kits for review, I was excited. And the best part was that if I liked their home teeth whitening system, they wanted to partner with me to host a GIVEAWAY for one of my lucky readers. Well, lucky for you, I loved it and can't wait for you to try it yourself!!

It's a very simple and streamlined process that anyone can do! Once your teeth whitening kit arrives, you'll create custom molds of your top and bottom teeth using the catalyst and base paste. This, for me, was the hardest part and thank goodness it only took 2 min and 30 secs to set in your mouth - phew! You let the molds harden over night before sending them back to Smile Brilliant, in a pre-paid envelope, so they can create your custom teeth whitening trays just for you. (THIS PART IS SO AMAZING!!! Do you know how much the dentist charges for custom trays? Unreal!!) It takes about a week or two for your trays to be delivered back to your home. Smile Brilliant recommends anywhere from 7 to 14 applications of their whitening gel to see great results. Using a thin ribbon of gel on each tray, you will get approximately 3 applications from each tube. For myself, I noticed an immediate difference after my first application - no joke!! I do have sensitive teeth and used the desensitizing gel after each whitening application to help with my sensitivity issues. However, I noticed that after the first few treatments, my sensitivity got better and I was able to wear the whitening gel for longer periods of time.

After using Smile Brilliant for over two months, I have to say that this home whitening system is a big WIN for me. My teeth are naturally whiter (not Ross Gellar white, for your FRIENDS fans out there!) but a brighter white that looks 100% natural. I'm happy with my smile, my teeth are whiter and I (personally) feel like I look so much better in photos. And who doesn't want that? I think for my couples who want to ensure that they look their best on their wedding day, this is so easy and extremely affordable for anyone. So, with that being said.... 

I'm so excited to announce that I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY with SMILE BRILLIANT for one lucky winner to receive a $139 credit to Smile Brilliant so you can get your own home teeth whitening system - HOORAY!!! 

Smile Brilliant Review

** GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED but you can still use my coupon code for 10% off ***

HOW TO ENTER: Visit - https://www.smilebrilliant.com/g/brklynview - enter your full name and email address on the giveaway form, click Submit and that's it!!

THE RULES and PRIZE: The giveaway is for $139 credit to use on Smile Brilliant and is open to USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The Giveaway ends at MIDNIGHT (12 AM EST) on 5/24/17 and winner will be contacted directly by Smile Brilliant the following day.

BONUS: Don't want to wait? Use the code BRKLYNVIEW at checkout and receive 10% OFF your order. This code is for ANYONE and doesn't expire. YAY!!

A HUGE shoutout to Smile Brilliant for being such an amazing company to partner with. I'm so excited to bring this super fun giveaway to my incredible and wonderful readers. I can't wait to see who wins and happy whitening!!! xoxo

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