How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for your Wedding Day by Blush Designs

Wedding Floral Design Expert

I'm so delighted to have my friend Jeeyun of Blush Designs, join us today for our Meet the Expert series. I first worked with Jeeyun during Tiffany and Cliff's gorgeous NYC wedding at the DeSeversky Mansion. Her STUNNING bouquet is still the most popular Pin on my Pinterest board and continues to be featured on numerous blogs, instagram feeds and magazines. We've collaborated on a modern wedding inspiration shoot at The Green Building so I was thrilled when she agreed to be part of this series. Sit down and grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

Meet Jeeyun!

Hi! I'm Jeeyun Lee, and I own Blush Designs, a contemporary-style floral and event design company based in the heart of the New York City flower market. Since starting Blush four years ago, my team and I have  worked with couples getting married in various types of venues around the New York metropolis: airy loft spaces like 620 Loft and Greenpoint Loft, dreamy natural settings like Blue Hill Stone Barn and Wave Hill, and luxe hotels like Gramercy Park and The New York Palace. We spend a lot of time with our couples to understand their vision and to explore their concepts. Blush Designs’ goal is to ultimately create a flawless custom-designed wedding with a personal touch. After pouring over hundreds of Pinterest boards, hearing many different types of concepts from brides, and being involved in a number of weddings, I've picked up some tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect flowers for your wedding day!

No. 1 - Research: Show, Don't Just Tell: Do your research. We can work together with you to create your ideal floral concepts, but the best way to start the conversation is to first show us images that draw your eye. You don't have to stress looking for the perfect images of your flowers, but you can compile those that reflect preferences for color, types of flowers and vessels, scale, and mood. Pinterest is an easy way to collect and refresh your research during the process.

No. 2 - Venue: Complement (don't fight) the Aesthetic: Every venue holds a particular look, and we want to use the floral decor to enhance your venue's best assets. We know you chose your wedding venue for particular reasons. Tell us what you love about your space and what you prefer to downplay.

No. 3 - Seasonality: Embrace It!: There are beautiful flowers in every season! Talk to your florist about what will most likely be in season during your wedding date. Seasonal stems are typically more cost-effective due to increased availability. And, they're gorgeous. That said, it's important to be honest about what you love and what you may not love so much. For the flowers that you may love (peonies!) that may not be in season (sorry late summer, fall, winter, and early spring couples!), I suggest using them for your personal bouquet or boutonniere; but just in case always have a back-up concept with seasonally available options.

No. 4 - Budget: Make it Impactful: We understand that there are a lot of costs associated to planning a wedding.Rather than overextend your budget to do a bit of everything, it's usually better to focus on a few areas and make them memorable. For example, eliminating flowers during cocktail hour (when guests are more excited about catching up with friends and the bar) may allow you to have more lush reception arrangements for guests to appreciate over dinner. Every  venue has different needs for decor; meeting in the venue together with your florist will help you to make the call. 

By following these tips, creating your floral vision should be a fun endeavor and you should be able to get the most bang for your buck. Happy planning! xo, Jeeyun

Jeeyun's gorgeous work & most popular pin on pinterest!!
Thank you Jeeyun! For more information and to see all of Jeeyun's gorgeous work - visit her website here & visit her Facebook page here.

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