My Favorite Photo Editing Apps for Instagram!

I love being able to immediately share my photography on a very fun and interactive social media platform such as Instagram! From the very beginning, it's been a wonderful way to communicate with my friends, followers and industry peers my most recent work, favorite neighborhood restaurants and even my new shoes! There are thousands of Instagram apps out there but I've finally found a trio of applications that I use on a daily basis to help enhance my photos. So, I thought it would be a fun idea to share them with you today. Enjoy!

InstaSize - It's my favorite app when I want to resize and add a white border to my images before posting to Instagram. It's so simple to use and the interface is pretty self explanatory, which I love. Just select your photo, add a border and save it directly to your camera roll or you can post directly to Instagram. So easy!

Afterlight - For me, this is by far the best and in depth photo editor for Instagram that I have ever used (and I've purchased a bunch!). I'm able to adjust the photos exposure, orientation, shadows, highlights, temperature, apply a crop and much, much more. Instagram provides built in filters but I want my images to look like my photography, not vintage, old, yellow or washed out. Afterlight allows me to create the same softness and tones that I create with own wedding photography. Yay!

Over - This is a great and easy application for adding text over your images for Instagram. Over comes preloaded with several fonts to choose from but if you want more variety, you can make in-app purchases for more fonts and embellishments. It can almost be overwhelming but I usually use the same few fonts each time to keep consistency in my photos. Perfect for creating your inspiration quotes to share on Instagram too!

There you have it, my favorite three applications for Instagram to use on my iPhone 6. I hope you found it helpful and be sure to follow me on Instragram at @brklynview. Happy Instagramming! xo

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