10 Tips for finding the perfect wedding planner by Jove Meyer Events

I'm so excited to introduce you to my friend and amazing wedding planner Jove of Jove Meyer Events. I've had the wonderful opportunity to work and collaborate with Jove on several gorgeous weddings and he's always a joy and so much fun to work with. (also, he's super organized, just like me ;) I'm absolutely thrilled to have Jove join us today as part of my ongoing Meet The Expert series on the blog. So grab a cup of your favorite coffee (or tea!) and enjoy! xo, Jainé

Brooklyn Wedding Planner

Hi Everyone! I'm Jove and I'm so happy to be here today talking about my top 10 Tips to help you find the perfect Wedding Planner for your big day. At Jove Meyer Events, we specialize in crafting personalized weddings that are a reflection of the couples' style, personality and relationship. I believe in a relaxed approach when guiding couples through the planning process, creating an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Jove Meyer Events is known for crafting fun and unique weddings of all shapes and sizes! I hope you find these tips helpful and happy wedding planning - Jove.

1 - Search for someone who gets your style. Your wedding should be a reflection of your style and personality, make sure your planner shares the same aesthetic as you so it will feel like you. If you hire someone who is all pink uplighting and crystals and you want natural and earthy it may not work out well. Most great planners can stretch themselves to fit your style, but finding someone who shares your style is so much easier!

2 - Search for someone who understands your vision. You want a planner who gets what you are going for and is excited about your ideas and will take them and make it happen and bring them to the next level. Its not fun to hire someone who cannot see things the same way you do, then it can just be an uphill battle of explaining over and over again! 

3 - Search for someone you would want to hang out with over a cocktail or coffee! You should love your wedding planner, they should be relatable, friendly and someone you would want to hang out with and be open and honest with. The more personal your relationship is with your planner the better they can tailor the wedding to who you are! If you would want to be their friend in real life then they would be a great fit as your planner.

4 - Stalk their instagram / social media and make sure you love what they do. It's the time of social media, we all stalk someone before a date, well at least I know I do, so why not do the same with your wedding planner?!? Check out their social media and or twitter and make sure you vibe with what they post and the other weddings they have done, who knows you could be on their instagram sooner than later with your big day!

5 - Be open and honest about your vision. Your planner should be excited about helping to make your wedding vision a reality! Be true to who you are and what you want at your wedding. Your planner should share in your excitement and ideas, not break them and you down with "tradition" and "business as usual" banter. Its your big day, make it feel like you and make sure the planner is on board with it as well!

6 - Make sure your budget aligns with their past and present wedding budgets. It can be awkward to talk about money, but its super important that your planner has worked with budgets like yours before. You want to make sure they feel confident and comfortable to get you everything on your wish list with the resources you have. The last thing you want is an empty promise and to have to pay much more than you planned for your wedding. Be upfront and honest about your budget and your list of wants and make sure its possible and that the planner is happy to make it happen with what you've allocated.

7 - Make sure you're comfortable with the planners process. How they communicate and plan weddings! - No planner approaches weddings the same. Some hold your hand all the way through, some make all the decisions for you, some collaborate with you on each item. Make sure you vibe with the planners approach to wedding planning and know who you will be working with, them, their assistant or their other planners. There is no right way to plan a wedding, just make sure you are happy with the way you planner does it!

8 - Make sure you have read their online reviews and love what past couples have said! Pretty pictures on a website are great but you want to make sure your planner has a reputation to match! Go online and check weddingwire, the knot and yelp to find out what past clients have said. Read as many reviews as you want to get a sense of the planners work ethic. Also do not be afraid to ask the planner for a past couple to speak with if that's important to you!

9 - Make sure they have a legit company that they run full time. No offense to anyone who does it part time or on the side, but you want a planner who lives and breathes weddings! There are many people who get married and then start a wedding planning company on the side, more as a hobby or part time work, while I am sure they are great I suggest going for someone who is all in! Professional planners bring years of experience and vendor relationships to the table. What you pay for in service you get back in quality and experience!

10 - Make sure they are personable and sociable. Your wedding planner will spend a lot of time with you and your friends and family, be it in person or online. A great wedding planner should be a very social one, they work with many people in the planning process and should know how to manage family relationships and tough characters, lets be honest every family has at least one! They also should be able to take control of a crowd and lead the day with confidence and ease so you can rest assured that everything will go according to plan!

Thank you Jove for sharing your amazing insight and advice with all of our readers! To learn more about Jove and the services his company offers, be sure to visit him at jovemeyersevents.com and follow him in Instagram JoveMeyer.


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