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I often get asked by my couples if they should hire a wedding videographer on their wedding day. I think it's a wonderful compliment to go along with your wedding photos and help tell the story of your special day. Each time I watch a wedding video, I literally tear up and especially from my own sweet couples. So, I thought it would be great to ask an expert to help give some helpful advice on how to choose a wedding videographer that is right for you. I'm so thrilled that Courtney from Love + Brain Films is joining us today as part of my Meet the Expert guest blogger series. I absolutely adore Courtney and love working together. It's truly a seamless day when we work together! Enjoy!

Meet Courtney!

Hi there! I am Courtney from Love + Brain Films! I manage a small wedding videography team that specializes in creative wedding films. I recently relocated to Singapore from Brooklyn, but still travel back to NYC twelve weeks a year to film weddings (I just can't stay away from this amazing city!). I originally produced travel video content (I won a Webby Award for Best Adventure/Travel Online Video!), but made the transition into wedding films after tying the knot myself a few years ago. I discovered how beautiful this industry is and how exciting it can be to capture other couples’ big day by creating a digital heirloom that serves as a keepsake and wedding love story. Artful and non- traditional, our wedding films are set to music and showcase the highlights from the entire day. I really love, I mean reaaaallly love creative brides and grooms who are putting their own spin on their wedding day. Love + Brain couples are passionate about adventure, fashion, art, and traveling. And we love them so!

I just want to thank Jainé for having me on her fabulous blog. I've had the pleasure of working with her on weddings, styled shoots and I'm thrilled to be here offering a few tidbits of insight when it comes to hiring a videographer. So without further adieu...

No. 1. Find YOUR Style: There are many videographers, countless styles,and varying price points...but first and foremost don't make the mistake of hiring your videographer based solely on price! If your style is funky, creative, eclectic, and you want a music video highlights reel of your big day (which we love!) then make sure you hire a videographer who does just that! Alternatively, if you want an hour (or more) length documentary style recreation of your wedding or a cinematic film...then hire a team that does that.

No. 2. Set Aside Time: To create an amazing wedding video be prepared to set aside some time during your wedding day to work with your videographer. You've already carved out a portion of your day for portrait photos...set aside a bit of this time for some video shots. Video is about movement... photos are stationary... you have an amazing photographer (Jainé!) and you’ll get incredible still portraits, but be sure to get what you deserve from your videographer – amazing moving shots!

No.3 Emotion: As I said,video is about movement...it’s not a snapshot in time but rather a sequence that allows us to capture and re-watch what happened before and after that photo was snapped. Let yourself enjoy the day! Smile, laugh, kiss, hug, cry and be yourself! Being present and in the moment (rather than worrying about logistics) will help your videographer create an amazing video.

No. 4 Lighting & Audio: These are two of the biggest factors(aside from editing style) that differentiate videographers from each other. Some videographers prefer an unobtrusive approach to filming weddings and don’t use any external lighting, as they do not want to interfere with the atmosphere the couple has created. The negative to that is for many venues (especially in NYC) they are very dimly lit and make it more difficult to capture great quality footage in low lit spaces. Alternatively, some videographers use LED light panels to assist in capturing better quality footage (less grainy). They can be a bit more obtrusive, but it’s a guarantee that your footage will come out much more clear. This also applies for audio. There are many ways to capture audio throughout the day. If vows are an important moment to be captured, make sure you're on a microphone (and that it’s turned ON!) during the ceremony so the camera can pick up audio. Or if it’s a smaller ceremony with no microphone - request that your videographer use a “lav mic” on the groom to unobtrusively record backup audio.

No.5. Engagement film: If you’re a couple who is worried about being in front of the camera during the wedding or if you have a wedding website and want to add more content to the pages, shooting an engagement film or save-the-date video is a great way to collaborate with your videographer. Couples can get creative and make videos that incorporate storytelling - talking about how you met each other or how he/she proposed. Or filming at a few of your favorite places in your neighborhood is a special way to remember this time in your lives as an engaged couple. Whatever kind of engagement film you create with your videographer, it’s a great way to see how they work and feel cool and comfortable in front of the camera on your big day!

Hopefully these tips can help you in your hunt/quest for the best videographer for your wedding day! 

To watch one of Courtney's Films, visit www.lovebrainfilms.com to see more of her super fun wedding videography. Thank you Courtney!!


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