5 tips how to choose your perfect bridal accessories by HushedCommotion

I'm so thrilled to have Thea from HushedCommotion join us today as our expert guest blogger. Thea is such a wonderful person and truly has a passion for making her brides look and feel gorgeous, so who better to ask to share her tips for choosing the perfect bridal accessories? Thea was my co-creator who helped put together our After Party Inspiration shoot at 501 Union last summer. So fun! I hope you enjoy the tips & find your perfect bridal accessories! xo, Jainé

Meet Thea!

Hi everyone! I’m Thea from HushedCommotion. Being creative allows me to express myself in a way that feels natural. I have always explored how the arts can affect and enhance a person’s life, whether it is through sewing, painting, sculpting, song, dance, writing, etc. These days you will find me in NYC soaking up the endless stimulation and infusing that into hand crafted bridal accessories. I started my line with the goal to create detailed pieces that are elegant and have a bit of a vintage vibe while still fitting into the modern day brides vision of a contemporary wedding. I hope you find these tips helpful! 

5 Tips on Choosing your perfect bridal accessories:

No. 1 - Have fun with it!

Even when you are dressing yourself for a night out, the accessories you choose are meant to add that touch of fun to your outfit, so do the same at your wedding! 

No. 2 - What's your body shape?

When choosing a belt, I think it is important to look at your body shape as well as the dress. If you are short waisted, don't choose a really wide belt, it will swallow you up. If you dress has a lot of gathering at the waist, a more dainty belt is good so it doesn't get too bulky. One of my favorite pieces from the 2014 Collection is the Cora belt, it is the perfect little touch of sparkle and detail...it's a hit with almost every dress we put it on at the studio!  Plus, I can do the sash in the back in almost any color!

No. 3 - Think Bigger!

There is a famous expression that we all know, it states that the camera adds about 10lbs to us all...well, whether that is true or not, I can certainly say that with accessories, they seem to shrink on camera! Brides, do not worry about your accessory or comb being too big. Unless you are rocking a huge hat - and if you do, good for you! I encourage brides to remember that the hair combs really do tend to look smaller in pics, having something a bit bigger than your usual day wear hair comb is a great idea, you'll thank me in the end!

No. 4 - It's ok to skip the veil.

You don't need to wear a veil to feel like a bride. I have brides who ask me if they have to wear a veil to complete the look, and I think the answer is No. I love a good veil, and lots of brides go in that direction, but you don't have to if you feel like it isn't your thing! There are lots of wonderful and romantic options to complete your wedding look that will knock your grooms (and guests!) socks off. 

No. 5 - Stay true to yourself. 

If you love gold, or colors, or big feathers go with that! Don't let the blogs and pinterest convince you that you need to do something because it is on trend. Think about what will make you feel beautiful, and what will still make you look like you ... not a character of yourself.

Thank you Thea! You can find out more about Thea and her full line of bridal accessories by visiting her website, blog, facebook or twitter pages. Happy Shopping!!


thank you so much for your kind note! xo, jainé