A Valentine's Day Picnic at home!

Valentine's day is just around the corner and if you live on the East Coast, you know that the Polar Vortex has taken over! It's freezing outside which means, we are spending a lot more time inside. This got me thinking about Valentine's day and how my husband and I will celebrate. I like the idea of spending a quiet evening at home having a picnic in our living room floor, watching movies and snuggling. Yes, I'm a sap for sure! My friends at Uncommon Goods sent over a few items to help me bring my picnic idea to life. I really love collaborating with a wonderful brooklyn vendor, who carefully curates a selection of personalized gifts for their customers. They're a wonderful source for super fun wedding gifts and they also give back to the community too. Hooray!

So, how would I bring this idea to life? Well, I'd use my favorite tartan picnic blanket to help set the mood in our living room. I'd pick up some bubbly with my New York City Maptote to enjoy while we watch one of our favorite movies. I'm totally obsessed with these adorable Vintage Polaroid Camera throw pillows. Oh, and we'd definitely end up taking some fun selfies and portraits with our Diana Camera. Last, my husband would make some homemade popcorn (better than the microwave!) and we love to eat handmade pretzels too. So yummy! Now, I think the hardest part would be figuring out what movie we both want to watch - hehe!

Wishing you a wonderful (& warm!) Valentine's Day! xo, Jainé

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