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I'm so thrilled to have Lindsay from Lindsay Rae Design join us as our wedding expert guest blogger. I've had the pleasure of working with Lindsay during our 501 Union styled shoot in Brooklyn. When I saw what Lindsay had created, she literally took my break away! She has a wonderful way of putting all types of flowers together, creating unique and pretty arrangements just for you, and helps to bring your vision to life. I asked Lindsay if she would share her top 5 tips on how to get the most out of your wedding day flowers. I hope you find it helpful & enjoy! xo, Jainé

Meet Lindsay!!

Hello to all! My name is Lindsay and I have the joy of running Lindsay Rae Design, a floral design business in the New York and Atlanta areas. Occasionally I sit down with a bride who has a clear vision, start to finish, for the floral aspect of her wedding, but typically I meet a bride who simply knows what colors she likes and what kind of budget she has.

Flowers can be an intimidating part of the wedding planning process. Brides understand that they are a beautiful, integral part of the aesthetic, but where do you begin?! That’s where I come in. By sitting down with a couple and getting to know them, I can create a custom floral plan that reflects who they are, what they love and what makes the most sense with the budget at hand. 

I'm so thankful to Jainé for asking me to guest blogger today sharing some things that I've learned over the years about making the most of your wedding day flowers. I hope these five tips are helpful during your wedding planning process!

Top Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Wedding Day Blooms

No. 1 - Greenery gets a thumbs up

Greenery is a cost effective way to fill a room. Head over to Pinterest and check out some examples of green garland. I think the thing I love most about greenery structures is that they make more of an overall impact than a small arrangement of say garden roses or peonies. So, don't be afraid to allow your floral designer to get creative with some greenery. Some of my favorites are silver dollar & seeded eucalyptus, rosemary, magnolia, ivy and italian ruscus. You can explore the flower gallery at fiftyflowers.com to get some additional ideas.

No. 2 - Let em’ sprawl 

This tip goes hand in hand with tip number 1. Sprawling arrangements have a way of filling a space and making an impact for about half the price of a compact arrangement. Greenery stems have a flexibility to them that allows for long, elegant extensions of an arrangement. When you’re looking at various floral images, take note of the arrangement shape. You'll start to notice how greenery was used to create the shape, and how a few delicate blooms were placed in very specific spots to make them POP! 

No. 3 - Getting hands on

There are so many different types of flowers out there. One of my favorite things to do is simply walk around the flower district wholesale markets. It seems like every time I stop in, I see/smell/feel something new! Whether you have a strong vision for your wedding flowers or feel like you're in need of some direction, walking through a flower market is a great way to be inspired by something new!

My designs are very texture-and-shape-based because I think that if you're going to have flowers, you should have interesting flowers that people are going to talk about rather than just skim over. Using things like protea, ferns, pepperberry, willow branches and fall leaves are fun ways to really differentiate your florals from the traditional wedding look.

No. 4 - Color me _____! 

Explore some color palettes. ColourLovers.com is a GREAT way to play around with color. Maybe your palette seems more simplistic with pale pinks and ivory, but then you throw a bold coral peony in your centerpiece to add some flavor. Or you’re feeling white and greens, but you drape emerald green ribbon from your bridesmaid’s bouquets to make a statement. REMEMBER the bold color doesn't have to be used everywhere, but don't rule out the idea of mixing in a touch of plum, maroon, coral or maybe even orange! And if you're envisioning a color that isn't common in the flower world, they make floral spray paint for that.

No. 4 ½ - the extra touches

While I'm chatting about ribbon - I think it’s important to touch on the extra items beyond flowers. Vases, urns, chuppahs, arbors, etc. are pieces that can truly enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding, but many times they become an afterthought. Some of my favorite vases have been purchased at second hand shops, vintage stores and even junk shops. You can find pieces with strong character that only magnify each and every bloom around the venue.

No. 5 - Repurpose 

Where are those bridesmaid’s bouquets going after the ceremony? What are you doing with the large urn arrangements that are flanking the altar? These are the last questions to consider before the design process  begins. I would suggest having each bouquet designed to not only to look stunning in the hands of your bridesmaids, but to also transfer eloquently to a vase on your bar/guest book table/cocktail tables/etc. Rather than letting the bouquets sit on a table and wilt throughout the night, put them in some water after the ceremony. The arbor arrangements can be the first thing guests see when they enter the reception space or the last things they see on their way out the door. Your aisle markers could decorate either side of bride and groom’s dinner chairs. These are just a few examples of ways that your florals can be repurposed to fill a space that would otherwise be empty! 

Thank you so much Lindsay for sharing! To see more of Lindsay's gorgeous floral arrangements and designs, visit here website: www.lindsayraedesign.com and Facebook page. Enjoy!!

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