5 Expert Tips How to Create A Wedding Day Timeline!

Today's for the bride is all about creating your perfect wedding day timeline. Being organized is one of my strong suits (I've been asked to organize my friends closets numerous times!) so I thought I'd share a few tips on how to keep your day organized, calm and on time!

As a wedding photographer, I do my best to get all the details of your wedding a few weeks, if not months, before your wedding day. I send my brides a wedding day questionnaire to find out where you're getting ready, ceremony and reception locations, how many people are in your wedding party and what family portraits are on your list. This helps to figure out the photography timeline which also helps to schedule your day.

Here are few of my most common questions when thinking about planning your wedding photography timeline:

1. Think about the light. I always encourage my couples to take their photos in as much natural light (ie. outside) as possible. If you want sunset photos but your wedding starts at 6pm, I would encourage you to consider a first look or change your ceremony time. Think about what type of photographs you want and then adjust your timeline to accommodate your requests.

2. How much time do we really need for our portraits? I recommend anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to ensure we have enough time for photos and can visit a few different locations. If you have chosen to see each other for a first look, you’ll also need to schedule time for bridal party and family photos to begin after your portraits or immediately following your ceremony.

3. Should we include travel time? Yes! Are you getting ready in one location and the ceremony & reception are in another? It’s always best to include travel time to and from each location. quick tip: google maps is a good tool to help estimate travel time.

4. Communicate with your family and wedding party. Once your timeline is completed, let your wedding party and family members know the specific details of your day. Doing this in advance will ensure that everyone is aware of the exact time and location to meet up for your group portraits. 

5. Plan for the unpredictable. Scheduling extra time is always good idea because even with the best intentions, we all know that something always comes up! Maybe someone in your bridal party is running late or your groom can’t find his pants (seriously, it’s happened!) leaving a bit of extra time will help keep you on schedule. 

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