Make your own Photo Books!

Everyone loves making photo books, right? They make wonderful gifts for your friends and family, bridal party members and even your guests. Well now, you can make your own photo books directly from your own photo gallery. It's a brand new feature that I'm thrilled to share with all of my couples. Yay!

Simply log into your gallery and you'll notice a few new options listed in the featured products box. You can create an Art Book (cloth cover) or Photo Book (photo cover) at the click of button. Choose your size, how many pages you'd like, which color and theme you like best and finally start designing your pages with the easy to use drag-n-drop templates. I absolutely love this new feature because you have access to use all your wedding or engagement photographs at the click of button. You don't need to upload any photos to a third party solution to created your own books because they are already there. Super Easy! 

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