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I'm so excited to have Laramie Glen from Book Your Look join us today as a guest blogger. Laramie and I met last October during Amanda & Pablo's Brooklyn Wedding at the Wythe Hotel and we've since collaborated together on several more weddings. I just love her clean aesthetic, super cool vibe and she truly listens to her clients to make them look like themselves, only better. I asked Laramie to share her top 5 tips on how to create long lasting makeup for every bride. Thanks Laramie!!

Meet Laramie!

Hi everyone! I'm so thrilled to be here and delighted to share some of my favorite makeup tips just for you! I've been a Makeup artist working in the New York fashion and wedding industries since 2008, creating flawless looks for many high-profile clients for the red-carpet and on their wedding day. I recently created a website, Book Your Look, when I realized clients were spending too much time being referred from makeup artist to makeup artist, trying to find the one who was free on their wedding day. Instead, Book Your Look lets you choose your date, then see which artists are available; from there, you can browse their profiles and book the one that you love. Enjoy, Laramie!

Top 5 Tips for Long-Lasting Wedding Makeup:

1 - A good primer is your best friend - no matter what your skin type, you're gonna wanna make sure the makeup is long-lasting from the prep stage. If you're dry, try a hydrating primer, this will ensure your makeup doesn't flake throughout the night (Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer, if you are on the shinier side, Maybelline DreamSmooth is a great mattifying primer) for oily-ish skin.

2 - Blush, blush, blush. Tell your makeup artist that you now know blush wears off, and it's okay if he or she goes a bit heavier initially as long as it is blended! Don't be put off by a blushed cheek and by the time you're walking down the aisle, you will have a soft beautiful glow. 

3 - Smudge-proof gel eyeliner and waterproof mascara - this combination ensures your liner doesn't fall (when it gets smudged below your eye), won't transfer (that line some eyeliners can leave on your crease when you open your eye), and if you get a little teary-eyed you will have some insurance.

4 - There are 2 products I leave every bride with (and make sure your makeup artist leaves it with you!). The first is blotting papers - you don't want to be thinking about how often you need to touch up your powder or if you'll have too much makeup buildup - you want to be having a blast and focusing on your amazing day! So have the maid of honor hold the blotting papers, and pass you one every time there's a round of photos. Gently blot the forehead, down the nose, the sides of the nose, and your chin. 

5 - The second product I leave every bride with is her lip. It's a good bet to use a moisturizing color stick (sort of like a thick, hydrating lip pencil or chubby stick), like this Neutrogena one). They're not too drying so you will also need a balm, and not too shiny (like with a gloss) where your new spouse will be deterred from giving you thousands of kisses!

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