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I'm so excited to have Lauren from Loli Events join us today as a guest blogger. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lauren last year during a REVEL photo shoot which was so much fun. Lauren has been a wedding planner for over 5 years and we recently worked together for a gorgeous wedding at the New York Botanical Gardens. I cannot express how amazing it was to work along side Lauren, a wedding planning expert, who kept everything on track and took care of any issues that came up. This really allowed me to have more time to interact and create great photographs with my Bride & Groom. Recently, I've had a few brides express their regret because they didn't hire a wedding planner. They didn't realized how much work it was actually going to be and felt a little overwhelmed on their actual wedding day. So, I reached out to Lauren and asked her to share her top 5 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner. Oh, and that adorable dog you see is Truffle, Lauren's dog and Loli's logo - how cute! Enjoy!!

Meet Lauren:

Hello lovelies.... Lauren here, owner of Loli Events. I am super excited to be featured on Brklyn View Photography's fabulous blog (thanks Jainé!) and share Loli's top five reasons you should hire a wedding planner.

A brief little background.....Loli Events was created 5 years ago and 5 years prior to that I was planning events for the likes of top chefs Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud. Today, we specialize in planning weddings in New York, Paris and St. John USVI.  

I simply love building long lasting relationship with my couples and their families. I am committed to making sure my clients have absolutely nothing to worry about throughout the planning process and most importantly the day-of.  Last but not least, I am uber passionate about creating weddings that are gorgeous, full of personality and really really fun!!

xo Loli 

My Top 5 Reasons to Hire a wedding planner....

No.5 It's a full time job! You have a very time consuming job and value your days off.  There are wedding planners out there because it is a full time job and you certainly do not need another job yourself. Planning a wedding means you will need to search through countless vendor options, reach out to vendors, constantly follow up on emails, book appointments and review long contracts.

No.4 No stress for youYou can easily get stressed out and need to be able to unload the worries. It is no way to start a marriage, and a new life, by constantly worrying if you are planning your wedding properly, staying on top of deadlines, making the right decisions and remembering all of the little details. You can easily spin out of control and make yourself miserable as well as the ones that are near and dear to you.

No.3 Let me be your guide! You need someone to guide you through this very new and sometimes emotional experience. Planning a wedding, and the industry, itself is a whole new ball game. This is not like planning a 30th birthday party or a corporate event. You need someone that you truly trust and who is not your best friend or a parent. You need a planner who will be honest with you and yet thoughtful and always professional. Your planner will guide you in the right direction on everything from choosing amazing vendors that fit your style and budget, to making sure you actually eat on your wedding day. No task is too big or small. 

No.2 Let your vendors shine! You are making quite the investment on all your fabulous vendors and therefore want to make sure that the day-of, they are given all of the tool to do what they love and what they are really great at. It is not your photographers responsibility to figure out what time hair and makeup should be for you and your bridesmaids, it is not the venue managers job to run around to find Uncle Tommy for group photos and it is not your florist responsibility to find out 1 day before your wedding that they need to provide a Certificate of Insurance in order to work at your venue. Let your planner take care of all the logistics and let your vendors shine. 

No.1 Enjoy your wedding! Your wedding day will go by fast and you want to be able to enjoy every single minute of it. What you don't want to do is worry, stress or fret if things are getting done and done properly. This is the greatest party you will ever have so take a deep breath, your planner has got it all under control and have fun!!

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