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I recently discovered and purchased Jonathan Canlas's Film Is Not Dead book which is a guide for digital photographers looking to shoot film. I seriously thought this book was written just for me because this is what I was looking for. I've been asking myself, "how do I expose my film to look how I want?", "what light meter should I purchase?" and luckily FIND explains it all. Jonathan shoots with a Contax 645 (my new love) and explains how he exposes, processes and creates his photography. He's really open and honest about his process which is amazing since his own photography inspires me! I read this book cover to cover and it's full of helpful information. I felt a few light bulbs go off every few pages which is always exciting! However, I don't think this book is for everyone because it's extremely specific to the type of equipment he uses but I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting back into film and expanding their photography. There is also a whole network of FIND'ers who shoot film together, Jonathan hosts FIND workshops all year round and across the globe and even has time to reply to my emails about exposure. What kind of awesome sauce is that? Love this book!

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  1. So glad you shared your review and opinion on this! Ordering my copy now!


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