top 10 essentials to keep in your camera bag on a wedding day

As I was packing up my camera bag and getting ready for my latest wedding, I realized that I always make sure I have the same everyday items before I leave the house. Ok, I'll admit that sometimes feel like Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner (love that movie!) but I like to be organized and ready for anything. Here are my top 10 essentials to keep in your camera bag that doesn't involve your gear. Enjoy!

1 - Lip balm: my lips get very dry when shooting a wedding. I do my best to drink enough water throughout the day but they still get dry. Honestly, if I can't find my lip balm, I might have a freak out.

2 - Band-Aids: blisters are no one's friend. I'm happy to say that my Steve Madden P-Heaven flats don't give me blisters but what about the Bride or someone in the Bridal party? I like to carry a few extra band-aids with me at all times.

3 - Hair ties & bobby pins: I photographed a wedding on the beach and boy, it was windy!! I have plenty of Goody hair ties & bobby pins in my bag.

4 - Ear plugs: Last year, while I was photographing a wedding, I accidentally stood in front a speaker. So, when the officiant started to talk again, the noise levels went right through my left ear and by the end of the wedding, I was dizzy and felt sick. I had a swaying sensation for weeks before I finally visited the ear doctor. Turns out that my ear had a pitch in which is why I felt like I was moving, when I knew wasn't. After a few weeks of medicine, everything is back to normal but now I wear earplugs at every reception. Lesson learned!

5 - Aspirin: sometimes you get a random headache out of no where and I don't want to be stranded without aspirin. ever.

6 - Allergy Medicine: Oh, you didn't know that flower or tree you are allergic to is blooming at the outside venue your are photographing today? Bummer! Just in case, I always carry dayquil & generic allergy medicine as well.

7 - Safety pins: I know (see: the wedding planner comment above) but I have had to use them on more than one occasion to help a Bride with her dress or groom with his shirt.

8 - Hand cream or lotion: If you're outside for a long period of time, your hands will get dry. I try to keep my hands as moisturized as possible throughout the wedding day. Aveda Hand Relief is my favorite!

9 - Power bars: When you are photographing a wedding, you don't get a chance to eat till the reception but like most human beings, I get hungry every 4-5 hours. So, I always have my KIND bars with me as my mid-wedding pick me up.

10 - Wedding Day Timeline: I always have a printed copy of my wedding day timeline with me at all times. Yes, I have it on my iPhone as well but sometimes its just easier to go old school and use actual paper.

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