say hello to my Contax 645!

Back in January, I decided to sell my beloved Mamiya RZ67 (insert a bit of remorse here) and purchase a Contax 645 camera. It's a medium format film camera that literally makes my heart swoon. I will miss the stunning polaroids from the Mamiya but I decided that I wanted to devote more time to film, which is where it all began. Throughout high school and college, I studied photography and learned how to develop my own film. It was challenging, fun and rewarding all at the same time. Well, this time around, I don't have to develop my own film (thank goodness!) but with the help of labs like Richard Photo Lab & Indie Film Lab my new Contax shots are coming out great. I'm still learning how the light reacts with each type of film I'm testing (Fuji 400h or Portra 400) but each time I download my latest scans, it seriously feels like Christmas. Now that Spring is finally here, I'm taking my Contax 645 out almost everyday and getting used to shooting with a new camera, using my light meter and creating images that I find beautiful. So, here are a few of my latest film scans from Indie Film Lab all shot with Fuji 400H.


thank you so much for your kind note! xo, jainé