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While browsing the expo floors of WPPI, I finally got a chance to see the One Bag system from UNDFIND in person. I had heard from a few wedding photographers that they really loved this bag. I usually where my Shootsac during the course of wedding but sometimes it's hard to get the lenses out of the bag quickly (they do have a newer model that fixes that issue) and I'm unable to rest the bag on the floor without it toppling over. Yes, I know. Small requests but still, I had them so I was open to looking at another solution.

Overall, I was very impressed with the functionality of the ONE bag system from UNDFIND. The photo insert (no.2) compartment is completely removable and you can carry up to 5 lenses at a time. What?! It also can fit a laptop (depending on the size you buy) along with you iPad and other devices without losing it's shape. The built-in messenger strap is super soft and very easy on my shoulder even with a full bag of photography gear. There is a tripod mount on the bottom of the bag and you can also slip it on to your luggage handles. It has a built in rain cover (no.3) which I think is super important. What if it starts to rain when your outside and you can't run inside to cover your gear in time? Not a problem anymore. They also have removable covers (no.1) which is just like the Shootsac.

After seeing all the features, pockets and extras, I was sold and purchased the black leather 13" One Bag on the spot. (There was also a great expo special too!) I've been using my One Bag for my latest engagement sessions and I have to say that I absolutely love this bag. It's comfortable, holds everything I need for a session (I like to travel light) and doesn't scream "camera bag". There are also so many pockets and places to put things it's insane. I am going to order another cover too. I want a plain black cotton matte cover vs. the leather which is great but just not me. Hopefully that will happen soon!

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