5 tips for your bride and groom portraits on your wedding day!

One of my absolute favorite times throughout the wedding day is photographing the bride and groom portraits. Anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, I get to be "alone" with the happy couple creating natural, romantic and fun portraits. So, I thought I'd put together 5 helpful tips on how to help you schedule adequate time to maximize your bride and groom portraits on your wedding day! Enjoy...

1 - Create a timeline! - This is the most important tip I can recommend to any of my brides. I work closely with each of them (or their wedding coordinators) to help create an ideal photography timeline for their wedding day. I always recommend allotting 45 minutes to an hour for portraits (or more!) knowing that things tend to overlap or run a bit behind on the actual day.

2 - Think about the light. I always do my best to help my couples plan for the best time to take their portraits in natural light. If couples choose to see each other before their ceremony for a first look, this gives us more time to schedule their portraits during the best time of the day. We get to avoid taking photos during the harshest times between 12-2pm. 

3 - Communicate with your wedding party and vendors. Once your wedding timeline is completed, let your wedding party, wedding vendors and any family members who will be in photos know the details too. Doing this will ensure that everyone knows what time you're getting dress, what locations you are visiting for your portraits and when family should arrive for their photos. This will help your family photos go smoothly and fast as possible, which is what everyone really wants too!

4 - Location Scouting. This might be more for your wedding photographer but I always recommend arriving early to the ceremony and wedding location to do a bit of scouting for the bride and groom portraits. However, for the brides reading this, if you already know a few locations you want your wedding portraits to be taken in, please let your photographer know. They'll appreciate it!

5 - Enjoy your time together! Sometimes I hear potential couples say they don't really want to take a lot of bride and groom portraits because they don't want to be standing around for an hour. Well, that could be true if you pick a photographer who doesn't love bride and groom portraits either. For me, I want my couples to love their portraits as much as I do. It's like a mini-engagement session in the middle of your wedding day. I like to mix it up with a few posed (but not stiff!) portraits as well as some more candid and romantic moments. These just make my heart swoon! These portraits also help to tell your complete love story as well as make your parents (and grandparents) happy! 

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