my love of film continues...

The more and more I take photographs with film, the more I continue to fall in love all over again. I recently sold my Mamiya RZ67 for a Contax 645. I'm seriously going to miss the gorgeous polaroids but I want to incorporate more film photographs in my wedding photography. The Mamiya RZ67 is an amazing camera (I'm truly sad to see go) but I'm loving my new (well, used!) Contax 645 . A few weeks ago, the day after the February blizzard, my husband and I walked around our neighborhood to have some fun in the snow and take a test roll of film. I used fuji 400H film which is different than the Porta 400 I usually shoot with so the tones and colors are more muted. I am seriously in love... 

Film Developed & Scanned by Richard Photo Lab

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