comfortable and stylish clothes to wear as a wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, it took me a while to figure out what I should wear when I'm photographing a wedding. As a women photographer, I wanted to be comfortable and stylish at the same time which doesn't always equal cute (hello - ugly clogs!). I'm always on the look out for the perfect dress, cute shirts and comfortable shoes. I spent a lot of time building my work wardrobe and wanted to share a few of favorite pieces. They've become staples in my closet! I usually wear all black so I can blend into the photos however I do try to wear a bit of pink because it's seriously my favorite color!

No.1 I am obsessed with J.Crew and love this draped shift dress in black (similar as shown). It's comfortable, stylish and has pockets! No. 2 Toms are my secret weapon during receptions. I change out of my flats and slip these on. Your feet get tired throughout the course of a wedding and these help keep your feet comfortable till the end of the night. No. 3 I probably have this J.Crew jackie cardigan in every color they make because it's my favorite and go perfectly with No.4 J.Crew's City Mini in black. There's an elastic waist and pockets. Need I say more? No.5 My friend Darla shared her love of Steve Madden's P-Heaven flats with me. I buy two pairs a season and pretty much wear them out until they die. There's no need to break them in because they are already soft & I've never had a blister with them - ever!

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