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Managing your workflow as a wedding photographer quickly becomes one of your top priorities when you realize how much work goes into culling, editing and preparing your photos for your clients. You need to work fast but efficiently without compromising your creativity. I spent a lot of time learning how to optimize my workflow and with the help of Jared Platt's Ultimate Lightroom 4 Workflow CreativeLIVE class, I've seriously cut down on my editing time. (boy, he is a lifesaver!) One of his great suggestions was to get a Shuttle Pro V.2. It's a keyboard emulator that you can customize so your hands never have to touch the keyboard which saves you time while your editing. I purchased one and was very nervous about the learning curve but like anything in life, it just takes a little bit of time to get used to something new. I also purchased Jared's Shuttle Pro Lightroom Settings and easily created a new customized set to fit my own style of editing. After a few weeks of forcing myself to use it (it's easy to put it away), it's seriously a tool I cannot live without. Happy editing!

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