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There's an ongoing debate among photographers if you should or shouldn't use a filter on your lens. Why? Well, some say that it's silly to put a inexpensive piece of glass on top of your (very) expensive lens. However, others think it's a good way to protect your lens from dust, finger prints, UV haze, being knocked around or worse, dropped! As for me, I've always used filters on my lenses because honestly, I'm a bit of worry wort and I like having a bit of extra protection. At the suggestion of a fellow wedding photographer (hey, Cassi!), I recently switched to B+W filters and noticed a difference right away! The glass was heavier, the coating was more apparent and the over all quality was a huge improvement from the less expensive filters I was previous using. It's a minimal investment to make sure you are capturing the best images you can for your clients. So, are you for or against filters? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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  1. Yay!! So glad you like them! I loooove them! It's like there's nothing there! :)


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