The return of film! My Mamiya RZ67 & Kodak Portra 400

I'll start off this post by admitting that I haven't shot a roll of film in about 8-10 years (give or take). My love of photography started in the dark room in high school, than followed me to college but once I received my first digital camera, my film camera got little use and was later donated (sigh). However, within the last year or so, I've started to crave film again. I spent a lot of time developing my photographic style with my DSLR camera but with film, there's something magical that just happens when you click the shutter and roll the film to the next blank frame.

To be honest, I think my digital camera has helped my love of film re-emerge. Understanding how ISO, shutter & aperture relate to each other digitally has helped me take complete control to create the images with film. I purchased a used Mamiya RZ67 earlier this year to incorporate fuji polaroids into my wedding photography. (I absolutely love taking polaroids of the couple during their bridal portraits or first look.) The Mamiya is a film camera at heart, so I decided to give film another try and boy am I happy! After I photographed Marlo & Jamie's wedding in Rehoboth Beach, we stayed for a few extra days to enjoy a bit of a late summer vacation. I brought along few rolls of Kodak Portra 400 film and took my Mamiya, light meter & my husband to the beach. I just got my first roll of film developed from Richard Photo Lab and I'm in LOVE!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from my first roll of film. There will be LOTS more to come... Enjoy!


  1. These photos are BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on shooting film again! Looking forward to seeing more :)

    1. thanks falcon! yep, i hope to be shooting more film too!

  2. mmm..mmm...scrumptious! love me some film! great work, love it!

  3. I love that you shoot with Portra 400. It's my favorite! Beautiful images and can't wait to see more!


thank you so much for your kind note! xo, jainé