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One of the best education resources online is CreativeLIVE. They really have changed the game when it comes to bringing photography education to the masses. They host FREE workshops that are streamed live on the internet. The classes cover subjects from wedding photography, fashion photography, retouching, posing and much more... They have a wonderful range of instructors that share their knowledge, failures and success stories with you so that you can do better. I have watched over a dozen of these amazing courses and continue to sign up for new courses for the new year. Due to their success, CreativeLIVE has been adding more and more courses to their calendar. Go here and check out what's coming up in 2013.

The great thing about CreativeLIVE is that you can purchase each course (for a discounted rate when it's live) and rewatch the seminar at your own pace. You can stop, review and rewatch each segment until you completely understand it. How amazing is that? Sometimes when I go to a seminar, I'm feverishly writing down my notes that I actually miss some of what the instructor says but not with creativeLIVE. I can purchase the course and not worry about missing anything because I'll own it forever. Be sure to check out their courses and sign up. It's free & absolutely amazing!

image from creativelive.com

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