Hurricane Sandy & what's important to me...

It's been a rough week for everyone on the East Coast, especially New York & New Jersey, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Many lives were effected and homes destroyed but even after the disaster, it's comforting to see the good in people come out and offer a helping hand to those in need. 

As a native New Yorker, I feel very fortunate that my family, who live throughout New York City and New Jersey, had minimal to no damage to their homes however, many of them lost power for several days or even up to a week. I love my family and I am thankful that everyone is safe from harm but now we have to help those who were not as fortunate. If you'd like to help someone in need, here's a link to Red Cross and Red Hook Initiative to make a donation to the folks without a home tonight.

Also, I wanted to share this amazing photo from the latest edition of New York Magazine. The power of photography never seizes to amaze me and even during the height of the storm and destruction, you can still be moved by a single image. I hope everyone is safe & warm tonight. xoxo - j

Photo: Iwan Baan/New York Magazine

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