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As a wedding photographer, I am always pushing myself to be more efficient with my workflow, get my images right in camera and practice, practice, practice! I'm always trying to fill my brain with as much photography knowledge as possible so when I had the chance to stop by Zach & Jody Gray's IN-CAMERA workshop, I couldn't contain my excitement. I'm a huge fan and meeting them could not have been more exciting for me. (insert squeals of glee!) 

Zach & Jody's IN-CAMERA workshop is all about getting it right in camera with natural light and off-camera flash. We learned all about different lighting styles (glamour, loop, broad & short), how to control the light and what equipment we needed to replicate this on our own. I'm not going to lie, the soft boxes looked really scary when I walked in the room but by the end of the workshop, they were my new best friends. There are about 20 students and it's a full day (aprox. 10 hours). Zach & Jody take the time to answer all your questions, walk you through all the details and every single person gets to create their own setup. Also, I met the most amazing group of photographers at the workshop. We bonded over our love of photography and nerves for off-camera lighting. It was great!

We took over a few blocks in the city before heading over to Washington Square Park for our final portraits. Here are a few of my behind the scenes images as well as a few of my favorite setups. I'm a natural light photographer at heart but knowing how to use off-camera flash is not scary anymore! Well, thanks to Zach & Jody!

Thanks to Joel at Adorama. It was such a treat to attend!

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