:: things i like :: Mamiya RZ67

One of the things I love about being a photographer is that I'm always learning. I'm always challenging myself and exploring new photography techniques. So, when I decided to purchase a medium format camera, I was scared. I haven't shot film in a very long time but after a few online searches and helpful professionals, I am in absolute love with my Mamiya RZ67.

The Mamiya RZ67 is heavy, completely manual and there's nothing fast about it but that's what I love. It forces me to slow down, take my time and get the shot that's already in my head. I have to know about light, shutter and film speeds which has also help to shape my digital photography. The Mamiya comes with a rotating film back (horizontal & vertical) and I purchased the polaroid back for my FP-100c FujiFilm. Seriously, it's stuns me every time!

I invested in the Mamiya RZ67 to take polaroids during my weddings and last weekend was the first time I actually used it with my bride & groom. I just love the photos! (stay tuned, polaroids coming next week!) It's the look and feel I want to portray within my photography. I love my Mamiya RZ67!

image from adorama.com


thank you so much for your kind note! xo, jainé