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I've been looking for a set of reflectors and just picked up the 42" Westcott 6-in-1 reflector kit. It has gold, silver, sunlight (mix of gold & silver) and black panels as well as two diffusers.  The Westcott reflectors are a great size, light and easy to put away (that's always such a hassle!) and the two diffusers are worth every penny of the kit. If you have to photograph your subject in unpleasant light (ie. high-noon), hold the diffuser in the direction of the light and now, only a soft diffused light comes through. No more squinty eyes or harsh shadows!

My only issue is that there is no white bounce reflector included. (seriously?) I tweeted Westcott and they said you could use the 1-stop & 2-stop diffusers to bounce white onto your subject face. So, I gave it a try and felt that it didn't bounce as much light as I wanted. I didn't want to return the kit so I bought an inexpensive white bounce reflector that fits perfectly inside my Westcott pouch. If there was a white side vs. a black, this would be the ultimate kit in my opinion.

image from westcott.com

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