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I absolutely LOVE the new Tote & Shoot camera bag by Shootsac! I already have a Shootsac that I wear during every wedding and engagement session but didn't like having to carry it in addition to my normal camera bags. Well, no more! The best part about the Tote & Shoot is that it fits my Shootsac perfectly inside the bag filled with all my gear. Now, I only have to carry one bag to a wedding or photo session. Hooray! I even use it as small travel bag with my camera and lens attached in the side pocket. I love to travel light and I just got lighter!

The only issue I have is that when the bag is full of gear, you cannot fit your camera with a lens in the front pocket. Honestly, there's just no room. So here's what I do before I head out to a shoot. I pack up my Shootsac with all my lenses, batteries and extras then place it inside the bag. Next, I place my camera inside the front panel without the lens attached and Viola! It all fits!

Overall, I think the Tote & Shoot is the perfect camera bag and a great investment! Enjoy!

image from tote & shoot


  1. Thanks for your review as I am considering this purchase. What color do you have? In reviews, it's hard to tell the difference between the black and the silver (it looks like there may be a slight sheen to the bag and sometimes lighting makes it hard to tell what color it is). Any input for color? Thanks.

    1. I have the black Tote & Shoot bag. The Silver is very close to the black as it's almost really a dark grey. I like both colors so you really can't go wrong with either one of them. You'll love the bag!!


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