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I'm so excited to introduce you to an amazing polaroid artist, Randolph Barry, for the next installment of my Artists I Like interview series. I've been a huge fan of his photography for several years so you can imagine my happiness when he glady accepted my invitation to do this interview. Enjoy!

Jainé: I discovered your work on polanoir.com (which is under construction) and I have to admit that I am a huge fan of your photography. When did you discover polaroids? 
Randoph: It started around 2004, I checked out a book from the library called "Innovation Imagination: 50 years of Polaroid photography" by Barbara Hitchcock. The book blew me away. That is when I decided to use Polaroid photography as a creative outlet. 

J: Do you carry your polaroid camera with you all the time? Which one do you use?
R: I usually carry it when I have a certain area in mind or an object I have thought about photographing. I use an SLR 680 for 600 film and when I had SX-70 film I would usually use an SX-70 Sonar Onestep.

J: Since polaroid stopped producing film, did you stock up before it was all sold out? If yes, what kind of film do you use?  
R: Unfortunately I did not stock up as much as I should have. The majority of the time I used 600 film, I did not really get a chance to use time zero as much as I would have liked.

J: I love your use of space and colors. Where does your inspiration come from? 
R: I like minimal art, so some of my inspiration comes from very simple abstract paintings. Sometimes a picture has too much information. I try to limit that information as much as possible without taking away the clarity of the subject.

J: Have you tried the new PX film from the impossible project? If yes, what are your impressions?
R: Never tried it. I would be open to trying it. I would love to try some black and white film.  

J: So, what is the latest project you are working on? Where can people buy your amazing prints?
R: I have no polaroid projects lined up. I might order some PX film soon, I will let you know what I do with it ! I am going to work on selling some of my pictures soon, I will keep you posted.

J: We all have people that inspire us. Do you have any photography heroes?
R: My heroes range from writers to painters, but if you just want photographers it would have to be William Eggleston. He captures the soul of color on film.  I also love Stephen Shore and Robert Frank. Walker Evans also comes to mind.

J: If you weren't taking photos, what else would you be doing? 
R: As long as it is creative and makes me feel happy. I like too many things to be specific. 

Thank you so much Randolph for the great interview! If you'd like to see more of Randolph's photographs, please visit him on Flickr. Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the interview! jainé

Oh! If you'd like to recommend/suggestion an artist to be featured, please email me at info@brklynview.com 

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