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I absolutely love engagement sessions! It's such a great way to spend time with the bride and groom before their wedding day. We get to hang out and have fun while taking pictures. A popular question is "What should I wear for our pictures?" and I always say "whatever makes you smile!". To look your best and to be relaxed, you have to be comfortable with what you are wearing. I always suggest wearing your favorite outfit or piece of jewelry that makes your heart race but whatever you wear, it should be totally you not what you think you should wear. 

Some tips: Dressing in coordinating and complementary colors with your fiancĂ© will help tie the photos together. I'm not talking "matchy-matchy" but just similar styles (casual vs. dressy) will help bring the session together. Staying away from bold and tiny patterns, stripes, baggy clothing, logo's is also a good rule of thumb but if you wear stripes everyday (ahem, me!) why not capture that in your photographs? It really depends on you and your style.

Being confident equals great photographs. There's nothing to it and just to help you visualize, I've put together a inspiration board for you! Enjoy....

No.1 Wear your favorite dress, like this one from kate spade new york, and you'll instantly feel pretty. No.2 A statement piece or just a sparkly stunner will dress up any outfit! Love this one from Elva Fields. No.3 A bright fun belt (like this one from j.crew) adds another layer to your outfit and a pop of color to your photos. No.4 Flats love your feet and when you're walking around for a few hours, they'll thank you! No. 5 A fun skirt and pretty shirt that flatter is always the best outfit!

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