:: artists i like :: interview with grant hamilton

Today, I am excited to announce a new series called Artists I Like where I will be interviewing fellow photographers, artists and designers about their work and inspiration. My first interview is with photographer, Grant Hamilton. I recently gushed about how much I love his work here and he was kind enough to answer a few questions. Enjoy!
peppermint, super awesome, bikini atoll 

Jainé: The moment I saw your polaroids, I was instantly hooked. When did you start taking polaroids?
Grant: I started using Polaroid film in 2006. I had been experimenting with minimalist compositions using a digital camera but the images looked too sterile. I had seen some Polaroids on flickr and I was attracted to the variability that was built into the process. It permitted me to make crisp compositions with just a touch of imperfection. 

J: You seem to be drawn to geometric shapes and bold colors. Where does your inspiration come from?
G: I guess I have lots of influences. I like the color field paintings of Kenneth Noland and Barnett Newman and work by Frank Stella and Mark Rothko. I also like very clean Swiss-like graphic design. Mostly though I want to find beauty that is hidden in plain sight. 

J: I love that your polaroids can stand up on their own. Can you explain your process on making the plexiroids?
G: Those prints that I made are reproductions printed on Fuji Crystal Archive polyester and encapsulated between two sheets of Plexiglas with a transparent, archival adhesive. The larger prints have mounting anchors molded into the back for easy hanging and to pop them out from the wall so that they appear to float. It is a very challenging process from a quality-control standpoint. There can't be any air bubbles and they all need to be the same size. There is a lot of production work involved. I recently made a smaller-sized print that is a lot more affordable. They are really nice because they are the same size as an actual Polaroid but they are thick enough to stand on their own. 

J: Do you carry your polaroid camera with you all the time? Which one do you use?
G: It is often with me. I have a couple of SX-70s and an SLR 680 but I really prefer the SX-70.

J: Since polaroid film is discontinued, did you stock up before it was all gone?
G: I do have quite a stash of film but I recently realized that for the color work, it is already too expired. I can't get the uniform color fields that I used to. I think it is still acceptable for vintage-y looking people photos though.

J: Have you tried the new PX film from the impossible project? If yes, what are your impressions?
G: My impression is that the Impossible Project is single-handedly saving instant photography for those who approach it artistically. Their film continues to improve and, by heating the new Push color film, the colors are strikingly vibrant and true. They are a hard-working group and deserve all of their success. I have nothing but respect and admiration for them.

J: What is the latest project you are working on?
G: I am finishing up my documentary about the last year of Polaroid film. I'm very excited about it and can't wait to see it.

J: If you weren't taking photographs, what else would you be doing?
G: I would be a raconteur.

A BIG thank you to Grant for taking the time out to do this interview. we hope you enjoyed it!
impossible, spirit of '76, have a nice day

Want more? You can see his work at sxseventy.com and shop at his online store at supermarkethq.com

*all images provided by grant hamilton


australia polaroids: luna park


a study of perfect peonies

Our flowers bloomed and are absolutely perfect! Caught them yesterday in good light from our window. Just the right amount of happy to make you smile all day long. Swoon!

:: things i like :: the b school

Two weeks ago, I joined the [ b ] school to start connecting with other photographers who are either in the business or just starting out like me. I have to say that even within a short amount of time, I have already learned so much! Photography resources are everywhere and everyone has been so helpful. I really feel that it's a friendly and safe environment where you can ask a simple to silly question without being afraid. They just launched the 2.0 version of the site so I can't comment on how it "was" but I love how it "is". Becker and his team promise more enhancements throughout the year so I'm excited to see what they come up with.

psst! I also locked in the 1.0 subscriptions rates (10.00 per month or 100.00 per year). If you visit their facebook page, I think you can still use the code if you hurry!

*photo from the b school blog


australia polaroids: colours



I picked up these peonies yesterday at the Flower Market. They aren't in season and still opening but I couldn't resist as they are my favorite flowers!

:: things i like :: polaroid stickers

I picked up these adorable polaroid stickers at mint while I was getting my photo album last week. I immediately was drawn to and purchased the Paris and Balloon sets. They have 40 different images each. So cute! They are from HK Out of the Ordinary which you can find out more about them here on their facebook page. (just fyi, it's in chinese)


australia polaroids: signs


peek at the sydney opera house


:: things i like :: polaroid photo albums

After Australia, I realized that I needed a photo album to store my polaroids instead of using an envelope inside my dresser drawer. They could easily be ruined and I would be equally devastated. Last week, I headed over to Mint (I do love that store and check out their new website!) and picked up this cute "photograph" photo album. When I got home, I realized that it's for the SX-70 and my spectra polaroids are much wider. It was a tight fit but they made it in without any bending. Phew!

a foggy day, in hong kong town

We've had a few foggy days in hong kong this week which is making me tired and a bit lazy. I decided to head down to IFC and walk around the piers. I caught the Star Ferry unloading and reloading which made for some interesting shots. You couldn't see TST promenade which, even in the smog, is in visible and when I turned around, the top of every building was hidden. It's a dreary day but makes for good photography. I kinda like the fog!


australia polaroids, harbour bridge

I couldn't wait to share a peek at my next polaroid series taken from Australia! I absolutely love the new images & I hope you do too! More to come...


our weekend eats

If you follow me on twitter, you'll know all about my love of latkes! They are one of favorites to eat and now make. I took it upon myself to learn how to make them (thanks epicurious). They were delicious and gone in 60 seconds once I served them for dinner. They are hard to mess up (unless you burn them - yikes!) but still, practice makes perfect. I love them when they are golden brown and super crunchy. Yum! We also added dragon fruit into saturday's breakfast (second photo) menu, courtesy of my darling husband who loves to cook. They are cool to look at but honestly, it really has no flavour. It's eye candy for sure!


license plate love

I remembered taking this photo while I was wondering the the Hong Kong flower market a few weeks ago. I thought it would be perfect for Valentine's Day! It just makes me smile because who would actually put this on their license plate? Well, I guess this person did... too cute!

happy valentines day!

This is just one of the many homemade mailboxes I photographed when we were in Hunter Valley, Australia. Wouldn't you just love to go down and get your mail from this heart-shaped mailbox everyday? I sure would. Wishing you and your sweetie a v. happy valentines day!


closed for the new year

 *this place was open but i couldn't resist these announcements.
While I was walking to Causeway Bay, I noticed that almost every other shop is closed to celebrate the new year in Hong Kong. I loved all the decorative signs they posted outside their shops. It's something of a "be back later" sign you'd see in the states. Of course, I could be completely wrong as I can't read chinese but some included dates so I *think* I'm on the right track. It was quiet in a usually busy area of hong kong (times square) which, just for a few minutes, felt like new york. I did get to see one new year blessing at Lane Crawford which was great. I love all the dancing and drums. It's so festive!


:: things i like :: live the language - paris

EF - Live The Language - Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

This video for the EF schools is just amazing. The typography is spot on and I love the music. I've been to Paris, London, Italy already but I want to go back. I want to go back and rediscover the cities beauty with my camera and lenses. Seems unfair that I only had film back then but I treasure those photos more than you know. Just want to go back, take a million photos and get lost in each city a few more times.


walking around the peak, hong kong


:: things i like :: grant hamilton

I am completely obsessed with Grant Hamilton's Polaroid series. I love the simplicity and impact of his images. The second image is my favorite called Poolside and I think you can see why. They are stunning and they are waiting for me back in new york! You have to check out his supermarket store and pick out your own favorites.

*Images from supermarket.


the peak tower, hong kong

happy chinese new year!

Before we left for Australia, I went out and took a few night shots of this fun holiday sign in our neighborhood. I didn't want to miss it before they changed it for the new year design. We had a fantastic time in Australia and I'm just getting to my photos. I took so many it's going to be hard to pair it down but I definitely already have a few favorites.

Wishing you a happy chinese new year. The year of the Rabbit!


peek at the peak

We're still in Austalia but just wanted to share a little peek at photos from Victoria's Peak, the highest point in Hong Kong. See you soon!