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Recently, I had to send in my my Lowepro Classified Sling camera bag for repair because the side handle was detaching from the bag. I was concerned that the strap would completely come out, I'd drop my bag and ruin my camera gear.  I simply enclosed a handwritten note saying I'd like to swap it out for a Nova 200 if they were going to replace the bag instead of repair it. Not only did they send me a brand new Lowepro Nova 200 AW bag but since my sling was more expensive, they also sent me a Nova 170 bag to make up the difference. What great customer service!!! Seriously, I love Lowepro! My Nova 200 AW is exactly what I needed and fits all of my equipment in one awesome bag. It also comes with a built in weather cover for those unexpected down pours which happen a lot in NYC during the summer. Thank you Lowepro for making my experience super awesome and pleasant!

*image from lowepro.com

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  1. As a fellow Pacific-Northwester, we had a few gray rooms awhile back, and we found they just don't work well in this part of the coutnry.


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