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I just wanted to send a little love to great site & company borrowlenses.com for fellow photographers. I recently had to rent a Nikon D700 body for a wedding and my local stores (B+H & Adorama) were closed for holidays. The camera arrived right on time, was in excellent condition and functioned beautifully on the day. I sent the box back in the prepaid label, dropped it off at my local FedEx location and within a day received a notice my transaction was complete without any issues. I couldn't be happier and will definetly be renting from borrowlenses.com again! Give'em a try!


  1. Thanks for listing the website, I'll check out the link.

  2. sure! they just upgraded their site so it's easier and prettier! oh, and if you sign up on their mailing list, you get discounts & deals. just saying ;)

  3. Congrats on your camera. I love pictures.


thank you so much for your kind note! xo, jainé