NYC Wedding Week - Martha Stewart Weddings Bridal Market Party

It's Wedding Week in New York! On Monday, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Martha Stewart Weddings Bridal Market Party thanks to my dear friend T. (thanks again!) The party was hosted at Martha Stewart's headquarters which is always exciting to visit. We were welcomed with pink glowing rings, a violinists and DJ to get the party going. Martha Stewart Weddings showcased their favorite vendors and they did not disappoint. We sipped Swanson Modern Wines (cutest bottle ever!), tasted samples of gelato from eCreamery, cupcakes from Creme Delicious, pizza from Eddie's Pizza Truck, got our makeup touched up from Vensette , took funny photos in The Booth's photobooth and had our names handwritten on pink buttons by Carol Zack. (I never have anything with my name on it so I was super excited). There was also an Essie Manicure Bar but there was a long line so we enjoyed our lemon drop cocktails and circled the room. I really enjoyed discovering new vendors but the highlight of the night (at least for me) was seeing Martha Stewart herself. I just adore (ok, ok....love) her! Until the next party....


  1. What? No photos of Martha Stewart herself? Bummer.

  2. thanks so much! so glad you like them ;)

  3. Hi Jainé!

    Wow! What beautiful pictures you took at the Martha Stewart Bridal Market Party! You are so talented!

    Were you able to get any photos of the PicFlips flipbook studio? If so, we would LOVE to see them and share them with our audience as well! :)

    Amy Kelly
    PicFlips Custom Flipbooks

  4. thank you so much amy! i'm sorry i did not get a photos of the PicFlips flip book studio. you'll have to let me know where your next event is!

  5. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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thank you so much for your kind note! xo, jainé