happy labor day weekend...

Hope you are planning a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend. We are going to see friends and family, take a trip to coney island to ride the Wonder Wheel one last time and to take some polaroids (of course!). Here are some photos I took in East Hampton earlier this summer. Mmmm, those doughnuts are the best! See you next week... 


  1. I love the first photo so much. It is stunning. Happy labor day weekend! Why did the "no wearing white after labor day " rule come about?

  2. thank you! hmmm, i not sure how it started but it doesn't apply anymore. you can wear white all year round. they love the whole "winter white" thing now in fashion. i guess white = summer and labor day means the beginning of fall/winter. happy weekend!


thank you so much for your kind note! xo, jainé