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Welcome to my new series called "for the insert name here". I've been thinking about how to incorporate some of my other interests on the blog and how to help people with their photographic needs. So "for the______" was born! Maybe it's what makeup to use so you aren't shiny or some good locations for your engagement sessions. These are things that I'm always thinking about so why not share them? Ok, here we go...

Today's for the bride is for someone looking to make (or jazz up) their photobooth. I absolutely am in love with No.1 Confetti System Tassel Garland (I will own a strand one day). It can brighten up any boring backdrop instantly. No.2 The greydient backdrop from Drop-It Modern looks awesome and isn't over powering. They are inexpensive and can dress up any plain reception hall in a snap. No.3 Instax Mini 7 is the replacement to the Polaroid Mio (no longer in production). I love that the photos can be put on pin board or in an guestbook immediately. There's no waiting! No.4. I'm over the whole "mustache-on-a-stick" craze but I love these handheld chalkboards. Have something funny to say? Write it out and take a photo!

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