wow, we made pickles!

One of my biggest weaknesses are pickles. Yep, It's true. I could seriously eat a jar at a time but I don't because then I wouldn't have any for the next day. We recently purchased a box of ball mason jars and my husband decided to make his own pickles. We only had to wait 24 hours to taste and enjoy! They are (were) crisp and delicious! I can't believe how "quick" and easy it is to make your own pickles! If you search "quick pickles" you can find a recipe online to make your own. I think the next time we make them, I'll take photos of the complete process. Yum!!


  1. yum. looks good. how did you ever get such a clever idea?

  2. I hope and trust one of these jars is for me.


thank you so much for your kind note! xo, jainé