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Notice anything different? Thought so! I've been working hard to update the look and feel of brklyn view photography over the last few months and I'm excited to share it with you!

I always felt that my old logo was me trying to be "cool" but it never felt like it represented who I was. When I started the redesign, I knew I wanted a softer, classic, fun logo that would professional and reflect who I was to my clients and readers. I love all things pink, huge flowers, polka-dots, stripes and classic fonts. My old logo looked like yesterday's news and I started to hate it. (hey, I'm just being honest!)

So here (above) is the new logo and I'm really happy with the way it came out! I used classic fonts (garamond and futura) and integrated the dots from the original font (which drew me to use that font in the first place) but I used them in a way that is more fun and more me! It also took me a while to find the perfect shade of pink which I feel is just right. Up next, I cannot wait to get launch the new website and fan pages. They're coming soon!

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