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Maybe you've seen his photos at the brooklyn flea or hanging on your friends wall but one thing is for sure, you know his work! I am delighted to share with you the next installment of my interview series Artist I Like with photographer Matt Schwartz. Enjoy!

rainbow tights

dominican republic

Jainé: I have to admit that I am a huge fan of your photography (I own two prints!). When did you discover polaroids? 
Matt: I've always used them since I was a kid, but I guess I really started using them 7 years ago.

J: Your photos have been transferred to watercolor paper to create unique textures. Can you explain your transfer process?

M: Sure. I take polaroids, pull apart the film and then rub the negatives onto watercolor paper. I then lift off the polaroid and all of the dyes transfer.

J: How do you come up with some of the concepts for your photo shoots? Some seem more styled than others. Is that on purpose?
M: Sometimes I will see a cool prop at a flea market or in a toy store and buy it. Other times a friend will come over and we dump a pile of tights, dresses, props, fruit, pretty much the entire apartment. I am always writing down ideas for shoots. All of the people in my pics are friends or people that bought my work.  

J: Since polaroid stopped producing film, did you stock up before it was all sold out? If yes, what kind of film do you use? 
M: I bought a ton of 8x10 film a few years ago and sometimes use 669 if I am shooting on location.

J: I like getting your email blasts about your latest trips and available prints. How many times a year do you travel for work? where is the one place you want to visit again? 
M: Thanks. I am trying to go on 4+ international trips a year. I have been learning to surf te past couple years so have been planning the trips around the ocean.

J: So, what's in your camera bag? Do you shoot film or use any digital photography equipment as well? 
M: smurfs, film, batteries, flash + a package of Sunprint paper. A cool print process that has been in my bag for about 5 years. May be time to try it soon :)

J: We all have people that inspire us. Do you have any photography heroes?

M: I like chas ray krider a lot. He has a book called "Motel Fetish"  It's funny I really like a lot of erotic photography, though like showing beauty+the erotic with more clothes in my own work.

J: If you weren't taking photos, what else would you be doing?
M: That is a question I always ask myself. I am so thankful that people enjoy my work. I would probably be playing music or writing words of some sort.


Thank you so much Matt for taking the time to do this interview! We hope you all enjoyed it!

Want more? You can check out and purchase some of matt's awesome photography at shehitpausestudios.com or catch him saturday's at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene.

*photos provided by matt schwartz, she hit pause studios

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