the schwenk's of asia

Iced Tea is sort of my weakness. I sort of get cravings for that perfect mix of tea and lemon every so often and in my opinion, there are only a few brands that can cure my cravings. Snapple (regular tea) is always a safe and good bet. Lassen & Hennings in brklyn heights makes my favorite homemade version. I tend to visit them daily in the summer's so much so, that they know me by face alone. But my all time, hands down, favorite comes from a little dairy on the eastern end of Long Island called Hampton Dairy.  If you grew up out there you know what little green box I'm referring too and it's original name was "Schwenk's". It's so good that I've even had friends bring a few half-gallons into brklyn if I knew they were coming in for a visit. Yes, it's that good!
So being in Hong Kong, I didn't really think they'd have an iced tea that I would like but I was wrong. I saw a few kids drinking Ceylon boxes and thought "why not try it?" and I'm glad I did. I love it! Ceylon just means "lemon Tea" and even though it is a bit sugary sweet, I like the all around flavors it has. Luckily, It's in every 7-11 and supermarket in Hong Kong so I will not have to searching for it as in the case of Schwenk's. Unless Hampton Dairy delivers to Asia? 

Probably not.

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