:: things i like :: printmate

I don't have a lot of room for a large printer in my apartment so when it came time to buy one, I wanted something small, powerful but that could also deliver a great print. I did my research and purchased the Epson PictureMate Dash.

It's a bit bigger than a lunchbox but packs a punch! The prints are rich, vibrate and professional quality. No computer is required because I can insert my flash cards directly to the device. I can add borders (which was one of the selling features for me) and it prints super fast. (a photo in less than a minute!) Also, the ink is inexpensive and photos will last 200 years. A bonus is that each new ink cartridge includes 100 sheets of paper for around *35.00 which works for my budget.

After owning the Dash for over a year, I'm still thrilled with the results each time I take it out of my closet and print my favorite new photos.

*as per amazon.com. photo from amazon.


hong kong neon


back in the states

Hong Kong was amazing. I had a unbelievable time visiting Asia and it really opened my eyes to how the other half of the world lives. Of course spending 2 weeks with my boyfriend was incredible however I now have his cold and I'm sick as a dog. I took around a thousand photos that I want to share but right now I can only focus on my bed.


These are some of the candies I brought back for a few friends. I don't even know if they are good but I couldn't get enough of their package designs.


a new time zone

I'm currently getting adjusted to Hong Kong time. It's pretty amazing here and if it would only stop raining, I could bring out my camera to take some great shots. I've been using my point and shoot since sunday (it's already tuesday) but I can't chance getting my SLR soaked in a down pour. Of course the two weeks I'm here it's going to rain. Oh but I think I see the sun coming out, so I better get out there and while it's nice out!


:: things i like :: fun frames

One of my favorite photo websites is Photojojo because honestly, they have the coolest stuff. They have a great selection of quirky camera accessories to handy devices (the perfect panoramic) that maybe a mega store would over look. I think when I get back from Hong Kong I'm going to get a set of these adorable Polaroid Frames to display my favorite new photos from my trip. Oh, and they have a great newsletter that you should sign up for!

photo from photojojo