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greetings from hong kong!

it's only been a few days since i've arrived but i'm already adjusting to my new (and exciting) surroundings. the jet lag has been a bit much so i'm taking it easy for now. haven't taken any photos (yet) but i'm getting myself and my equipment ready for this weekend.

however, i already have a photo find to share. we stumbled upon this amazing polaroid store in causeway bay called mint. while stopping for a cappuccino, we noticed some polaroid art on display, along with a information about the store. we headed two flights up and i quickly fell in love. they sell and service SX-70's camera's, carrying cases and have oodles of impossible project film (silver and color shades) for sale. it's also worth a quick visit to see their display of vintage SX-70's on loan from a private collector. i swear i've never seen so many in one place in my life!

the good news is that i brought along my spectra camera and film. the helpful sales associate let me know that that the impossible project now has film for my particular type of camera and they ship to hong kong. i'm so excited!

happy shooting!

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