polaroid christmas loot!

It's official, I own a SX-70 camera thanks to santa (and my husband)! I headed over to mint yesterday and spent a good hour and a half going through the camera's with seth (the v. patient and kind salesperson). I finally decided on the SX-70 Model 1, black leather, red release button and two packs of color shade PX 70 film from impossible project. The camera dates to 1973!

When we were in thailand, i brought my spectra polaroid (photo series to come) and since that film is a bit harder to come by (impossible just released it) getting a camera with more film available would be totally necessary for our up coming trips. i had a blast using my spectra and will purchase the new film once it arrives in hong kong but for now, i'm all about my new toy!

want one? you can order one here or here

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