completely obsessed!

I headed over to the PhotoPlus Expo on saturday and made a b-line to the Nikon counter. I wanted to check out the three new lenses and of course, two of them I MUST own! The 28-300mm was perfect. It's compact, fast and quiet which is exactly what i've been looking for in a zoom lens however, the showstopper was the 85mm 1.4 portrait lens. This is the lens I've been waiting for! Even with the few test shots in the busy, crowded and noisy javits center, I found my happy place. The bokeh on the 1.4 is simply stunning and I can just think of the great wedding/engagement/travel shots I could get with this puppy! It does costs almost as much as my camera but for great equipment, you have pay up. Well, save up if you're me. It will be mine. Oh, It will be mine...

I also took a bunch of shots from the expo that I'll post this week. They had BMX bikers!

*photo from nikon and find out more about the new lenses here.

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