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I've been searching for a comfortable camera bag for a while now. I wanted something that could hold all of my equipment and wasn't completely ugly. I started out with a Nikon shoulder bag but after using it all day long my back always hurt.

After doing a bit of research, I selected a Tarmac Sling Bag (I already own one of their bags) but once it was full, it didn't lay flat on my back. Also, it was uncomfortable across my chest. So, back to the store...

The sales person at B+H recommended the LowerPro Sling180 which was of course on backorder for a month. Well, it arrived and it's awesome. Not only can I fit all of my equipment (2 bodies, 2 lenses and a flash) there's room to grow. It lays flat on my back and it's comfortable. Finally!

*photo and product from b+h photo.

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