Let's Party! Weddings In Color Book Launch in DUMBO!

Hooray! It's finally here - the launch of Weddings In Color! I can't believe our modern wedding book will be released on October 13th, 2015. To celebrate this exciting occasion, West Elm is hosting a book launch party on October 15th, 2015 in DUMBO. Everyone is invited and we'd love for you to stop by, pick up a copy of the book, enjoy a colorful cocktail and say hello! You can RSVP here and the first 25 people to buy a copy of Weddings In Color will receive a free black and white striped notebook hand foiled by Minhee. Excited to see you there! xo, Jainé


How to Start the Wedding Design Process with Hanalulu Co.

I'm so excited to have my friend Hannah, of HANALULU CO., join us as a guest blogger for our Meet The Expert series. When I met Hannah, we hit it off right away as we share a love for anything pretty, pink and kate spade! I was so thrilled to collaborate with Hannah on our modern preppy chic inspiration shoot at The Green Building last year, which was featured on Green Wedding Shoes. I asked Hannah to share her favorite tips on how to start the wedding design process with a wedding designer. I hear from a lot of brides that finding the way to express your style throughout your wedding can be an overwhelming task without an expert by your side. Enjoy!

Meet Hannah..... 

Hello! I’m Hannah Shen, owner of HANALULU CO., a Brooklyn-based design studio that specializes in event décor and styling. We provide couples with the creative direction they need to create a wedding that’s perfectly theirs. From designing the wedding concept, sourcing décor and props, to crafting the fun details, we’re there to inspire, advise, and show them how it’s all possible. Starting the wedding design process can be oh-so-overwhelming, so here are our five tips to jumpstart your wedding adventure!

No. 1 - Before anything else, do this with your fiancé first. 

It’s important to start with the basics with a pen + paper and brainstorm all the words to describe how you want your wedding to look and feel. Whether your list includes "colorful, fun and sophisticated" or "organic and natural with a splash of whimsy", this will be a helpful way for ya'll to focus and stay on the same page in terms of design!

No. 2 - Look outside the wedding box for inspiration. 

Don’t get us wrong, we can spend hours upon hours browsing weddings on Pinterest! However, try sourcing inspiration from interior spaces -- even your own! We love seeing how different colors, patterns, and textures are used in homes, and taking those ideas and translating them into your wedding space. For example, we took this pretty pin and dreamt up this fun bridal shower.

No. 3 - Disrupt the trends. 

Do things with a bit of a twist. We are huge advocates of doing something different and making it your own. For instance, we adore the color and texture of chambray -- denim's softer cousin. By mixing in ombré and adding a splash of sparkle, we were able to incorporate the casual design element in an elegant and playful way like this example.

No. 4 - Marry two different styles into one. 

Just like you’re joining two different personalities in a marriage, try blending your two styles to create your own design. This editorial shoot we designed is a great example of a fun yet sophisticated matchmaking -- classic Chanel meets good ole Brooklyn!

No. 5 - Choose your wedding colors wisely. 

Color will help set the tone for your big day, and also tie together all the details -- from the bridesmaid dresses down to your florals. Make sure you use colors that speak to you as a couple, but also work with the hues at your venue! While all colors on the palette are fair game, we suggest picking color combinations that complement one another. In this example, we played with various pinks in the berry family, such as blush, magenta and raspberry. Those colors work beautifully with all that green!

Thank you Hannah!! I hope you all enjoyed her wonderful tips and helps you start the wedding design process. Be sure to visit Hannah's website and follow her on Instagram.


NYC Highline Engagement Session. New York Wedding Photographer

On a perfect Summer day, I met up with Natasha and Aneil to capture their engagement session on New York City's Highline and Meatpacking District. The bright blue skies and cool breeze made an August day in the city enjoyable. As we strolled through the highline, tourists and travelers wished them congratulations throughout our walk down the highline which was so much fun! I'm excited to share a few of my favorite engagement photos and I can't wait for their wedding this Fall at the Essex House in Manhattan. Enjoy! xo


501 Union Brooklyn Wedding featured on Carats and Cake

I'm so delighted that Ashley and Jonathon's gorgeous wedding at 501 Union in Brooklyn, was featured on Carats and Cake. See the full wedding here! xo, Jainé

Brooklyn Wedding Photographer


Loverly's New Wedding Book!

I'm so honored and thrilled to have one of my lovely photos included in Loverly's new Wedding Planner book - available now. You can pick up a copy here or here and be sure to check out Chapter 12's page opener. Hooray!


Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers Wedding Photography featured on Carats and Cake

I'm so excited to share that Laura and Reeve's gorgeous wedding at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers was featured on Carats and Cake. Hooray! xo


Best NYC Wedding Photographer by BRIDES!

I'm so incredibly honored to be included in BRIDES curated list of the top NYC Wedding Photographers! What a fantastic list of wedding photographer colleagues, peers and friends to be included along side of. I'm truly thankful and thrilled to be included. Thank you Brides!! xo, Jainé


How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for your Wedding Day by Blush Designs

Wedding Floral Design Expert

I'm so delighted to have my friend Jeeyun of Blush Designs, join us today for our Meet the Expert series. I first worked with Jeeyun during Tiffany and Cliff's gorgeous NYC wedding at the DeSeversky Mansion. Her STUNNING bouquet is still the most popular Pin on my Pinterest board and continues to be featured on numerous blogs, instagram feeds and magazines. We've collaborated on a modern wedding inspiration shoot at The Green Building so I was thrilled when she agreed to be part of this series. Sit down and grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

Meet Jeeyun!

Hi! I'm Jeeyun Lee, and I own Blush Designs, a contemporary-style floral and event design company based in the heart of the New York City flower market. Since starting Blush four years ago, my team and I have  worked with couples getting married in various types of venues around the New York metropolis: airy loft spaces like 620 Loft and Greenpoint Loft, dreamy natural settings like Blue Hill Stone Barn and Wave Hill, and luxe hotels like Gramercy Park and The New York Palace. We spend a lot of time with our couples to understand their vision and to explore their concepts. Blush Designs’ goal is to ultimately create a flawless custom-designed wedding with a personal touch. After pouring over hundreds of Pinterest boards, hearing many different types of concepts from brides, and being involved in a number of weddings, I've picked up some tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect flowers for your wedding day!

No. 1 - Research: Show, Don't Just Tell: Do your research. We can work together with you to create your ideal floral concepts, but the best way to start the conversation is to first show us images that draw your eye. You don't have to stress looking for the perfect images of your flowers, but you can compile those that reflect preferences for color, types of flowers and vessels, scale, and mood. Pinterest is an easy way to collect and refresh your research during the process.

No. 2 - Venue: Complement (don't fight) the Aesthetic: Every venue holds a particular look, and we want to use the floral decor to enhance your venue's best assets. We know you chose your wedding venue for particular reasons. Tell us what you love about your space and what you prefer to downplay.

No. 3 - Seasonality: Embrace It!: There are beautiful flowers in every season! Talk to your florist about what will most likely be in season during your wedding date. Seasonal stems are typically more cost-effective due to increased availability. And, they're gorgeous. That said, it's important to be honest about what you love and what you may not love so much. For the flowers that you may love (peonies!) that may not be in season (sorry late summer, fall, winter, and early spring couples!), I suggest using them for your personal bouquet or boutonniere; but just in case always have a back-up concept with seasonally available options.

No. 4 - Budget: Make it Impactful: We understand that there are a lot of costs associated to planning a wedding.Rather than overextend your budget to do a bit of everything, it's usually better to focus on a few areas and make them memorable. For example, eliminating flowers during cocktail hour (when guests are more excited about catching up with friends and the bar) may allow you to have more lush reception arrangements for guests to appreciate over dinner. Every  venue has different needs for decor; meeting in the venue together with your florist will help you to make the call. 

By following these tips, creating your floral vision should be a fun endeavor and you should be able to get the most bang for your buck. Happy planning! xo, Jeeyun

Jeeyun's gorgeous work & most popular pin on pinterest!!
Thank you Jeeyun! For more information and to see all of Jeeyun's gorgeous work - visit her website here & visit her Facebook page here.


The Farm at Adderley Wedding featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs

I'm so thrilled to share that Esther and Peter's gorgeous wedding at The Farm at Adderley was featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs. I love that their intimate brooklyn wedding showcased so beautifully on one of my favorite wedding blogs. Hooray! xo


My Favorite Photo Editing Apps for Instagram!

I love being able to immediately share my photography on a very fun and interactive social media platform such as Instagram! From the very beginning, it's been a wonderful way to communicate with my friends, followers and industry peers my most recent work, favorite neighborhood restaurants and even my new shoes! There are thousands of Instagram apps out there but I've finally found a trio of applications that I use on a daily basis to help enhance my photos. So, I thought it would be a fun idea to share them with you today. Enjoy!

InstaSize - It's my favorite app when I want to resize and add a white border to my images before posting to Instagram. It's so simple to use and the interface is pretty self explanatory, which I love. Just select your photo, add a border and save it directly to your camera roll or you can post directly to Instagram. So easy!

Afterlight - For me, this is by far the best and in depth photo editor for Instagram that I have ever used (and I've purchased a bunch!). I'm able to adjust the photos exposure, orientation, shadows, highlights, temperature, apply a crop and much, much more. Instagram provides built in filters but I want my images to look like my photography, not vintage, old, yellow or washed out. Afterlight allows me to create the same softness and tones that I create with own wedding photography. Yay!

Over - This is a great and easy application for adding text over your images for Instagram. Over comes preloaded with several fonts to choose from but if you want more variety, you can make in-app purchases for more fonts and embellishments. It can almost be overwhelming but I usually use the same few fonts each time to keep consistency in my photos. Perfect for creating your inspiration quotes to share on Instagram too!

There you have it, my favorite three applications for Instagram to use on my iPhone 6. I hope you found it helpful and be sure to follow me on Instragram at @brklynview. Happy Instagramming! xo